Potomac Nationals Baseball Game

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We had some last-minute fun this weekend at the Potomac Nationals baseball game.  My son breathes and lives for baseball.  He is one of those kids that always has a ball in his hand, no matter what size, and has been known to fall asleep with one.  It is his passion and truly makes my heart happy to see his enthusiasm and love for the game.  We are fortunate enough to live only 5 minutes away from the Minor League Stadium for the Potomac Nationals, one of the farm teams for the Washington Nationals.

Going to a Potomac Nationals baseball game at the stadium is really a great event, as there are always affordable seats and plenty of giveaways that make it the perfect family outing.  What is even better is that occasionally the Washington Nationals will rehab some of their players here due to the close distance from DC.  This is generally a last-minute addition and liking their Facebook page provides the much-needed insight.

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So I was thrilled to find out that Jayson Werth and Trea Turner were both going to be appearing in Potomac Nationals baseball games all weekend.  Even better the first game started at 5pm which is perfect when trying to get there by myself with three kids, one of which was being toted around on my back in the Ergo.

This is always a great opportunity for my kids to see some great baseball, in a really low-key environment.  You can get right up to the fence, sometimes talk to the players hanging out in the outfield, catch foul balls, and of course get signatures.

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Both Werth and Turner surprised us by playing in the full Potomac Nationals baseball game, as often times the major league players will only play a set amount of innings.  They had some good hits as well as plays on the field.  What always strikes me as interesting is you get a pretty good feel for the players personalities and approach towards fandom.  Some seem much more reserved, focused only on playing, and not that into the whole signature thing.  Others go above and beyond connecting with the fans, signing, taking picture.

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Jayson Werth was fantastic.  He took every opportunity he had to reach out to the fans, sign as many balls and hats as possible, and overall make everyone’s day.

I had a little boy who tried his hardest to wiggle up to the fence and get an autograph, but unfortunately just missed out.  Still he had a smile on his face for such an awesome up close experience.

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I cannot recommend attending some Potomac Nationals baseball games enough.  And you may want to hurry up next season and do so, as it is looking like the team will be building a new stadium elsewhere.  Insert sad face here, as I will be so bummed to see them go.

So many memories with Uncle Slam and lazy summer evenings, thankfully all captured in pictures and my mind’s eye.

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